CEPH Storage

CEPH Storage
Ceph Version Ambedded tuned Ceph community versions
Management Interface
  • Ambedded Web-based user interface: UniVirStor(UVS) Manager
  • Command Line Interface
Automation The UniVirStor Ceph management GUI (UVS Manager) automates management functions for day-1 and day two operations, including cluster deployment, storage service provisioning, monitoring, and software updates.
Access Authentication Control
  • Policy control to limit users to access pool & block device
  • Ability to Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), AWS Auth, and KeyStone
Multi-protocol support A storage platform supports multiple industry-standard storage protocols for block, file and object storage.
Monitoring & Notification
  • UVS, Ceph, and Grafana dashboard
  • Alert sent through email
  • SNMP
Ceph Storage Pool Base
Scale-out cluster
  • Grow the cluster to thousands of storage drives
  • No single point of failure
  • Cluster performance is linearly scalable with the number of drives (OSD).
Self-healing and
auto rebalancing
  • Balances data distribution throughout the cluster nodes
  • Handles failures without interruption, automatically recovering to the predefined data resilience
Highly available Withstand loss of multiple nodes/racks without disrupting service availability or data safety
Data protection
  • Striping, erasure coding, or replication across nodes with predefined rule
  • Configurable number of replica and erasure coding profile
  • CLAY erasure coding to reduce the data recovery time
  • Renamable bucket type: root, region, zone, data center, room, PDU, raw, rack, chassis
Disk encryption OSD disk drives can be encrypted to protect data when drives are removed
Data Compression Inline object compression with target compression ratio
Cache Tiering Use faster storage pool as cache tier
Ceph Deployment And Management
Software update
  • Automated rolling update without downtime. Data services are available during the update.
  • Updates include Linux, Ceph, and UVS manager
  • Host management: Scan and manage server nodes in the Ceph cluster
  • Deploy the NTP server or use an external NTP serv
  • Push NTP client to ceph hosts
  • Log management
  • Notification
  • User management
Ceph daemon
  • Cluster initialization
  • Deploy and manage MON, OSD, MDS, RGW
  • OSD encryption
Storage Protocols
RADOS Block Storage (RBD )
RBD Image
  • Image create, delete
  • Select pool, name, image size, object size
  • Image edit
Dynamic volume
Ability to expand Ceph block devices with no downtime
RBD Mirroring for
off-site active-standby
  • Create mirroring service between multiple clusters or sites
  • Select pool/image for mirroring
  • Manage snapshot schedules
  • Image promote/demote
RBD Snapshot
  • Snapshots of individual block devices with no downtime or performance impact
  • Create and manage snapshots of images to retain a history on an image’s state
  • snapshot rollback
Copy-on-Write clone Instant provisioning of tens or hundreds of virtual machine instances from the same image with zero wait time
Thing Provisions Enable over-provisioning of storage and immediate VM or container instance launch.
  • K8s container storage interface (CSI)
  • OpenStack Cinder, Glance, and Nova
  • CloudStack
  • Deploy iSCSI gateway on hosts or VMs
  • Create and manage LUN
  • ACL: IQN and CHAP authentication
  • Multi-Path IO support
Shared File System (NAS)
  • Deploy & manage Metadata servers (MDS)
  • POSIX compatible file system: kernel and FUSE clients
  • Multiple CephFS
  • Support volumes, sub-volume and sub-volume groups
  • OpenStack Manila
  • K8s Container Storage Interface (CSI)
Conventional File Storage
NFS, SMB, FTP, HTTP Use CephFS, S3 or block as the back store to export NFS, SMB, FTP, and HTTP through gateways
Object Storage
Object API Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift compatible APIs
RADOS gateway
for Active-Active
  • Deploy RADOS gateways
  • Multi-site support for sync and access from multiple ceph clusters
  • RGW User and key management
  • RGW Pool management, auto-create RGW pools
Many (WORM)
S3 object lock with read-only capability to store objects using a the WORM mode preventing objects from being deleted or overwritten
Encryption Server side encryption and client provided key encryption

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