Mars 400 PRO CEPH Storage Appliance

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Mars 400
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Optimized Ceph Preload with UVS manager (Ceph Management Web-based GUI). Full licence - includes 36 months technical support   + US$0.00

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Mars 400 PRO CEPH Storage Appliance
Mars 400 PRO CEPH Storage Appliance

In stock


    Form factor 1U Rackmount with depth 741.2mm
    micro-server 8 x Microserver with arm v8 A72 64bit Dual Core 1.2GHz
    For each microserver :
    - 4GDDR4 on board memory
    - 2x 2.5Gbps Ethernet
    - 2x SATA III
    - Internal RTC
    - 8GB NAND flash storage for OS & optimized Ceph & UVS manager
    Software Optimized Ceph(Luminous) Preload with UVS manager (Ceph Management Web-based GUI)
    Network Redundant hot-swap in chassis switch (active/active)
    - 4 x 10Gps uplink, for client and scale-out
    - Support either SFP+ or 10G baseT media with auto-media detection
    - 1 x 100Mbps out of band management port (BMC)
    Base board management controler (BMC)

    1 x 100Mbps Ethernet out-of-band port.
    - Micro-server Console over Ethernet
    - Reset specified Micro-server
    - Control micro-server power ON/OFF
    - Control system power ON/OFF
    - Reset In-chassis switch
    - UID LED control

    Storage bay (HDD/SSD) (1) 8x top accessible hot-swappable SATA3 storage bay (3.5"HDD or 2.5" SSD/HDD)
    (2) Each micro-server has a 32GB SATA3 M.2 SSD slot for Ceph OSD journal
    Power consumption max. 105 Watts (excluding 8x HDD)
    Power supply Dual 300 Watts 80 Plus Sliver Redundant Power Supply (active/active)
    Accessories AC input power cord with IEC C14 inlet plug
    Slide rail kit (mounting rail kit)
    Warranty 3 year for Hardware & Software MA
    Certification  CE/FCC Class A


    We reserve 1x micro-server on each chassis as the MON node for Ceph cluster. After adding the 4th mars unit, we can make all the 8x Micro-servers serve OSD node.

    Please note that a fully working, resilient cluster requires 3x MON, therefore 3x MARS400 systems.

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